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WordPress tips

wordpress tips at

WordPress tips you can really use!

WordPress is a nice and easy system to work with, but often, one does not just of all the opportunities the system has to offer.

Thats something we want to change that here at, therefore you can now expect wordpress tips,  reviews of the best plug-ins WordPress has to offer, both premium plug-ins but certainly also the wast selection of free plug-ins to make your life as blogger or website owner easier.

Christian has worked in wordpress since February 2005 when wordpress called version 1.5 and have made over 150 wordpress sites during the years.

All this experience must come out, and therefore this blog made for the purpose.

In addition to that we are  working hard to develop the ultimate training material for those who want to start making website with WordPress.

We hope you enjoy your time here, and will use our many wordpress tips you can really use


Christian and the rest of the team behind





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