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Emojis in WordPress and why you should remove them

Emojis in WordPress and why you should remove them

Emojis in WordPress and why you should remove them

Emoji in WordPress 4.2 is a new function WordPress have launched their newest version 4.2 called Powell.

With WordPress 4.2 update came built-in support for special characters and advanced emoji. This was wonderful news for all the people who want to use WordPress for example in Arabic.

The problem with this option is that the load time on your WordPress website, will slow down tremendously

Today is a fast website one of the most important things according to google, and with this feature the load time increased by up to one second. I have personally tested more than 20 websites that have exactly the same problem, some of these sites had doubled their load time compared to  previous version of WordPress.

After some research on the internet I found out that there was no easy way to get rid of the new and improved language and emoji features of WordPress since they are now a central part of WordPress and their files. I found several recommendations for a plugin called “Disable emoji”

I added the plugin on a test site first. The installation was super easy, like most WordPress plugins now. After I added and activated the plugin, I cleared my cache files and did a brand new Pingdom Tools speed test. After the test, I gained nearly a second on the load time according to Pingdom tools

I began to install “Disable emoji” plugin on all sides in my network, and it appeared that all sides has improved its load times. . Of course, there are differences depending on which hosting solution is being used, but overall the results were quite similar, and the conclusion is that  this plugin works as it should, and give your website a significantly better load time.

Please Comment and share if you know of other similar plugins that provide the same effect. .


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